Possibly Baby bump? Advice

So I posted a similar post a few hours ago but I'm going to repost it so I can make a couple of things clear so please read it all before leaving feedback.
My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years. We sometimes use condoms but most of the time we use the "pull out/withdrawal" method. The entire time we have been together we have only had one 'scare' and that ended up being a negative.
This time however, I am thinking I may be, due to the fact that my lower belly is starting to poke out which has never happened before, and my boobs are getting a little bigger (but there hasn't been any changes with my nipples or anything) and I keep getting the feeling of butterflies in my stomach and brief feelings of nausea.
-I have NOT missed my period.
-I WILL take a test(obviously I KNOW that's the only way I can know for sure)
but I want some thoughts/opinions/advice first though before I drop the bomb on my boyfriend. 
So ladies, for those of you who have had children and know how it goes, does this look like a baby bump or is it all in my head and my fat is just awkwardly filling up right there.