Low cervix ?

Sabrina • Mommy to a baby boy 👨and Mommy to be to a princess 🎀due may 28th ❤
Okay So I went to the restroom to go pee and I whiped and started to see light pink with clear discharge it's happened before and went to the er they told me it was an infection and I have an appointment on the 9th Okay Back to it I whipped but it only started to light bleed when I whipped in my vagina and I told my bf and he took a picture I told him most likely my cervix I Waited layed down and he said he didn't see anything where my vagina was I went to the rr again cause I got a little freaked out and had to do the number 2 sorry tmi and I peed and I felt it again down there and whipped and It had light pink so my question is , is this my cervix so low when I use the restroom ? It stopped it was light this is baby number 2 and I Am 28 Weeks today ( Thursday )