Sleeping...or Not😩


My baby is 2weeks+4days old today...and out of all days tonight has been the worst. He has a hard time staying awake during the day...but what baby doesn't...right?? He hasn't slept since 1am..and it's 6am 😅 I wouldn't be as frustrated if he was calm but he slips into a calm moment then cries and it goes back and forth..Ive fed him,changed him,burped him, held him, made sure he wasn't cold ect.

I wasn't frustrated at all til my s.o woke up for the 3rd time and got mad at me for not being able to keep him awake during the day¬ being able to get him to calm down. He ended up taking the baby hugging him trying to calm him down...and honestly he's way better at it. I don't know why it makes me upset that I can't do the makes me want to cry,because I try so hard and it's like my baby hates me..or I'm just not a good enough mom. And I wish I could calm him down and let my s.o sleep, then maybe he'd see how great of a mom I am. Problem is it never really works. Everyone's constantly pointing out how much my baby cries with me. Then they end up taking him and showing me that they can calm him down ect..which I appreciate but at the same time I wish it wasn't necessary. I don't even know what to say anymore 😧 .. Is this just me or are any of you moms having a hard time? Yes I'm a ftm..