Am I crazy? I need feedback?!


So lately I feel like I've been SO protective of my baby and it's not even due until 12/12! Anyways, I was thinking about holidays and spending it with our families.

As a kid, we always went to other people's houses for holidays, we never got to spend them at our home ever.

For me, when our baby is born I want that special alone time with just me, my husband and baby! My idea is Christmas <a href="">eve</a> is just the three of us and making it tradition and then Christmas day we can have both sides of our families over to celebrate.

The thing is, my husband's mom loves Christmas <a href="">eve</a> and we typically go over there and then go to my mom's for Christmas day. I'm scared to say something to my mil because she already dislikes me and now she will think I'm taking away her holiday. I guess I just feel like if she was able to do that with her kids and have her own holiday I should be able to do that with my family?

What do you guys do with your families on holidays. I'd love to hear feedback! I guess part of me feels like maybe I'm being selfish because I want that special time with our little family. Then I also just think they should understand because they got to do that with their little family. My mom thinks it's a great idea, but I have yet to bring it up to my in laws. Ah.