Sounds crazy but I don't "feel" pregnant?

I was having very bad cramps in the beginning that I was told was my uterus stretching but now that's completely gone. Today I am 10 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I'm sorry if this is tmi but my breasts are only a little tender but it's my nipples that hurt the most. I do have cravings but there are times I just don't feel pregnant. This is my first pregnancy and a surprising one at that. Is it because I'm just not that far along? I worry that something has happened is why I don't feel pregnant anymore, I set up a appointment with my obgyn on March 25th, im so scared I can't enjoy growing my little bundle. Did anyone else have or has these fears or concerns with pregnancy? It is very common in my family to not know you are even pregnant, my grandmother didn't know about my mother until 2 days before she was born and I was born in June of '94 and my mom didn't find out until the end of may in '94 that she was having me.