I'm so frustrated with where I work ugh 😬😠😑

Sam β€’ my name is Samantha sam for short im 24.This is my first pregnancy. It`s been so easy for me. Having a little girl so excited. Cant get help starting to hate this app.
I'm so fed up I'm pregnant and almost due any week I'm currently 36 weeks. They can't schedule people right at work and who they call the pregnant women I told them no and one girl won't pull a double when I was 3-5 months I use to pull doubles all the dam time and one girl complains about it if it's a chore to work a double. Wtf this makes me mad and I'm so fat tiered and just not in the mood my boob's are sore and baby is moving way to much. Ugh does this happen to any other pregnant women out there??? Sorry got the ranting just made me mad