Stressed out.

I am so stressed when I know I shouldn't be but I just can't help it. My oldest sister wanted to buy our mom a ring for mothers day which we were going to split between all of 3 of us sisters. Well my middle sister is something else. She's what you would call the black sheep. So she told my sister she could pay her half in 2 separate payments. Which we both know we will never get because thats the kind of person she is. So with that happening it lead me and my other sister to pay more. Now my other sister her and her husband both work when technically one of them doesn't really have to because they get money from the army so they get a whole paycheck to spend on extra stuff pretty much. Where as my husband is the only one working since I'm pregnant and he makes enough to the point I don't need to work and we both don't want me working when the baby comes because then it's like my whole check would just go to daycare anyways.

So my stress is kicking in because all though all our bills are paid and we have more than left over in our account I really didn't want to be spending money on alot of things and save since our baby is due late may-early June so at anytime pretty much. My husband and I have a couples massage coming up that we've had planned for a while now but now I just feel like canceling mine and saving us 50. And same thing with our maternity pictures. We're suppose to be getting those done this week as well which I just want to cancel to save us 65 but my dilemma with that is I've canceled on this girl twice already just because of scheduling issues so I wouldn't even know how to cancel on her now. And it just makes me feel bad since she's sort of a friend. I know I don't have to cancel these things because we do have the money but I honestly just don't want to get in an uncomfortable position with money. And I know if I do cancel my massage my husband is going to get upset that I did. I just don't know what to do. I wish I could honestly be like my husband and just think money is nothing and have no problem spending but I'm the more uptight one.