My husband fucked up

I've always been super happy and strong, but after having my baby I'm suffering post partum anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder with intrusive thoughts. I was carrying this inside of me because I'm really bad at showing my feelings and weaknesses, but It got to the point that I had to talk to my husband because I know I needed urgent medical help. He is great supporting me and my best friend, so I was glad I told him and take it out of my chest.
But then yesterday this friend of his shared the typical article on facebook "women who give blowjobs are happier and cure depression", and my stupid and assh*** husband decided to tag me in it as a joke. What the actual fuck??? I'm suffering panic attacks and on a lot of medication and he thought that was a good joke?? Abd he tag me in something public like that where everyone can see that I'm suffering depression?? As soon as I saw the post I message him saying how insensitive bastard he is and a hundred more of swearing things. He immediately saw the big mistake and apologised in every possible way but I cannot forgive him, he hurt my feelings and betrayed my trust so badly that I am not even capable of looking at his eyes. 
Would you feel this way too? Shall I accept his apology?