9DPO w/VFL - what I did different this month + symptoms

I know it is still SUPER early.. AF wasn't due until next Sunday, but I just had a feeling last night and took a test first photo is last night and second is from this morning 
1. Used OPK sticks and tested at 8am/2pm/8pm starting on CD10 
2. Faint positive OPK on CD16, definite positive OPK on CD17 in early morning (last month it was CD16 for sure)
3. Positive OPK just so happened to land on the weekend, so DH and I BD that night of positive OPK and then again the MORNING of CD19 and CD20. Positive OPK lasted for about 24 hours.
TMI * was on top all times, didn't use any pre seed or anything and had big O both times.
4. Cut up the pineapple and ate 1/5 of the core starting 1DPO (per Glow calendar) and ate one of each of the 5 pieces the next two days - it started to get bad so I didn't finish it.
Honestly I truly didn't think I would get a positive hpt this month so I just stopped dwelling and checking the app obsessively... but here's what I noticed:
1. Cervix was low, firm and closed with EWCM (as of today)
2. Slight cramping...? Not sure if this is normal or not, I know I'm still super super early on... praying for a healthy sticky baby!!!
3. Feta cheese tasted really bad, like a nursing home or something - and I love feta!!
4. I was kind of turning up my nose at stuff that wasn't appetizing, not like making me sick, but it just made me make a blah face.
5. Last night I was sitting on the floor after dinner and I just felt nauseous, and it was weird so I took a test because it was very random, and it was a vvvvvfl
I used Amazons's Easy@Home OPK
I have been taking Centrum Prenatals for about 19 months now along with B12, fish oil and biotion (endocrinologist prescribed all of which)
HPT is also Easy@Home 
This is my second pregnancy and I have been actively trying for three months.
I am still pumping milk for my current LO who is 11 months
I have raised levels of testosterone so I was told I would have difficultly getting pregnant.
Any questions please feel free to ask... I am no doctor or pro, so I can only speak from experience. My first baby was NOT planned so this one I did a lot of research and logging in on the app. Praying that this is a healthy and sticky baby!! 💛💛💛 God Bless and best of luck to every momma out there!!