Did you NOT get a BFP until 5 or more days after AF was due? If so, please comment your experience

Davee • 05/31/09 and 05/23/16 Both are my rainbow babies!
I was due for af Monday by what my previous cycles were 35 days... but by the longest cycle of 39 days I was due today for af... no sign at all and having some pregnancy symptoms such as heavy breast that are noticeably heavier and a little sore, nauseous at night, lots of gas every day for the last couple of days, had white discharge a week ago, but I tested this evening with an 88 cent walmart first choice and it was negative.. I was pregnant last may and I was 2 weeks late on my period before I got a BFP.... so on wondering if maybe I am and it's going to be like that? I thought about getting a first response, but everyone says the dollar tree are JUST as sensitive meaning the first response will just show the same result..