Off to the bar he goes(rant)

We came down to my moms for a baby shower she is throwing me on Sunday. We have maternity photo session tomorrow early in the morning and my husband decides that going to the bar with some old friends is more important then getting some sleep knowing we have a long day ahead of us. I'm not a big fan of the guys he went out with. They are lowlifes that never grew up after highschool. I can't believe my own husband felt the need to do this. He knows how I feel about these guys and that I'm already stressed out about the next two days. So he leaves me here with my mom and the rest of my family who btw have been driving me threw the wall. Must be nice for him to just leave me here when he knows I don't even want to be here. I'm just so over this. I feel like he's being selfish and irresponsible. Maybe it's just the hormones but I'm extremely pissed. Posting anonymous cause chances are I'm gonna get hate for this post but I needed to vent.