CD1 you are not welcome..

Chelsea • Mom of 3 and a half :)
I woke up this morning and wasn't planning on taking a test, but figured I would since AF is expected tomorrow.. It was neg. Of course. But I get up to wipe and what do I see? A shit ton of blood. Lovely. I started bawling. I have never had that much when I first start. It is usually just a bit on the toilet paper.. that was a cruel and unusual joke someone is playing on me. Like, you wanna be pregnant? Well nope. Not this month. This month you are getting a really heavy and miserable period instead. My daughter has a party to go to today and I have to go shopping and it's going to be a gorgeous day out and I want to stay home and in bed and cry. Now I have to wait another month that is going to just end in a period again. It seems like the only ones who get pregnant are the ones who do it by accident. US who try, just get long miserable months of disappointment after disappointment. It sucks :( okay that is the end of my rant. Sorry for anyone whose day I ruined with my misery lol