Pregnant again?

Ok April mommy's, My son was born April 6th by C-section do to him being to big to fit threw my pelvic because it's "flat". My question is are any of you planning on getting pregnant again soon? I had many issues getting pregnant this first time.  My tubes were blocked I didn't have a period or ovulate without help from the doctor. I had to have my tubes unblocked and take a pill to make me have a period and be on clomid. I had my post pardon check on Monday and my doctor said he would recommend we start trying again at 6 months. Seeing we had so many problems and we want 3 kids. I am also turning 31 in August. I love my son and want to cherish this time with him but we also don't want to miss my window and the doctor seems to feel the same. Anyone else thinking of have another so close to the first?