The manly/butch lesbian

Ok... I added this anonymously, because I'm sure I'll get eaten alive, but this is something that I've always been perplexed about.

Why is it, that in the majority of lesbian couples, I've seen one feminine one, and the other, there is an extremely hard time trying to determine if it's a woman or not. Then you notice the extremely tight sports bra they are wearing or some other characteristic that gives them away as female.

They have short hair, walk like a man, talk like a man, act like a man.... yet they are lesbian, and their partner obviously found them attractive whether it be their manly personality, looks, or whatever else that attracted them.


I honestly don't understand this. Is it because they prefer the female body parts, yet truly are attracted to men, but want the best of both worlds?

If lesbians prefer the same sex.... why would they want to look like the other? Why would they prefer a manly looking woman, one that acts so much like a man.... if they are attracted or prefer women? If they are so against men (as I've seen some lesbian act like men are repulsive and are unnecessary to the world) why would they want to make it to where they look/talk/act exactly like them, yet still carry around breasts and a vagina, and their partner prefer a manly acting and looking woman?

I've always been confused about this, as it makes no sense to me.

Perhaps someone can shed some light? And FYI before you call me a gay hater or tell me it's none of my business etc., I'm just curious.

I have several gay friends, have experimented with the opposite sex (they were actually feminine though).