My friend is ruining everyone's vacation.

Laura • Married and trying for our first baby for four years! One day❤️
What the hell do I do? She's my bestfriend and she's ruining my vacation. I just wanna go home and far away from her. She's so ungrateful and self centered.... I've been talking to her saying "stop ruining everyone's time just because your a grump" stuff like that and her response always is "well yall arnt doing anything for me" blah blah blah I'm over it. I don't want to be mean but I'm so pissed now that I don't even care if I hurt her feelings. What would you do? What should I say?? She's my maid of honor and my bestfriend for life, just like a sister but I just can't handle it. She invited us to come with her... I didn't even have to come with her... Ugh. Just wanna go home :(