Wondering... Long explanation

My cycles are very long around 35 days, and I'm suppose to be due for my period on the 9th but my question is was this an early period ? Or something else ? On 3/2 I started spotting pink in the afternoon it went away after 2 wipes the. The next day I wake up go to the bathroom wipe and rheres a lot of blood none came onto My underwear so I thought nothing of it... Then later in the day same thing go to the bathroom wipe but less is there and a little was on my  Underwear so I wore a pad... In the evening I go to the bathroom wipe more is there... The color was bright red tinged cm ... The next day same thing but it stopped around 7 pm... and now today I spotted light brown for maybe an hour ... I did take a test it was negative... Should I think of it as my period or should I probably go to the Drs ?? What do you ladies think??