Marriage we're both stubborn

So here's the deal my hubby an I been married for 6 years in April. Every realtionship has its ups an downs, we don't argue much which is good cause the kids. But my problem is he don't do anything to romance me, surprise me, or ask about how I feel ect.. the list goes on. An I was trying for the past year to spice it up in the bed, compliment him, try to have romantic dinners,even asked him on a date. And this is what he has said to me ;bed-(I like how we don't it already I don't want to try anything ) compliments-(oh ok yeah thanks) romantic dinners - why go out of you way it's a waste of time an the food was ok I cook better) date- yeah I rather stay home than go out.... I'm done trying to be happy with him it's all negative. I don't know what is wrong I try to bring it up an he yells an don't want to talk about it. I'm so ready to leave him. I think k our marriage is over. I never thought I'd say that but I need to be happy an he just don't make me happy anymore. Any advice is greatly appreciated