Am I in the wrong?

Jenni • So in Love with my perfect man since 4*20*2014
So my bf got a new job a few weeks ago he works 4pm-12/1 Monday-friday. Sometimes Saturday but it's up to him (he can say no).
Well I'm a server I work 3day shifts a week usually Friday, Saturday & Monday.
We rarely get to spend time together I wait up for him to get off work but I fall asleep about 3:30am. Meh usually stays up till about 5ish am sleeps till about 2 than gets ready and leaves at 3:30.
Well in been wanting to go bowling he blew me off last Saturday to work. Than tonight we already had planned to go wih his bro and sis in law then she asks if we're still going after we went out to dinner. He says can we just go tomorrow (Cuz he wanted to go chill with his friend).
I got mad he knew it but still left to his friends I packed clothes and now I'm at my friends for the night. I text him im leaving he said to where I said idk yet. Than he hasn't text back. 
I'm tired and getting very bored we rarely do anything fun but go out to eat or occasionally a movie. He said bowling tomorrow but I'm tired of plans getting broke.
What should I do or say to him? Should I even text him tonight or wait for him to and stay with my friend or go back home when he gets home? Please idk if I'm in the wrong or if he is. He knows how upset I'm getting but to me he obviously doesn't care that much Cuz he still just left when he knew damn well I was mad.