Crazy scary dreams

Lately I've been having crazy Scary dreams. They are so vivid it's like I don't even know it's a dream until I wake up. Here's how my dream went. I'm a nurse so of course my dream had to be about work. Lol. Anyway, I had a dream I was taking care of a patient who I couldn't really find in the system. Which is so weird. When I finally found her name (which was super hard) Her profile said  "who ever cares for this patient is cursed" and some voodoo stuff. Then I was giving report to my coworkers and I couldn't think straight I was so confused and I was like a crazy person. And I couldn't tell why or what was happening until I saw her info. Then I showed my coworkers and they believed me. Omg. Then I started to feel like this feeling on my skin. Like I had rocks on my chest. Like sharp rocks. I asked my coworker to feel and she said she can see them through my skin. When I said "tell the supervisor, bcoz I need to find holy water" then I woke up. Also in my dream I saw someone hang himself bcoz someone told him to and then I saw some voodoo ritual when I was finding my patient and she was taking a shower with other people (I know weird) And they all kicked me out. I was so scared. Anyone else had weird crazy dream too? I'm 10 weeks 3 days today.