Losing baby

I would like to know if anyone here was in same situation as me. At 25 weeks I started swelling in face,hands abd feet. I was worried because i didn't feel my baby move for a day and even if that was only one day i knew she would always move around the time. I got worried and rang my midwife she came and as she found that i have protein in my urine and high blood pressure i had to go hospital to be monitored. I came to hospital on tuesday morning and they said i will have to stay untill i deliver my baby girl. Itvwas too early they thought as i was only 25week. They wanted to keep me for another 2-3weeks and then they would induce me. However on saturday morning I woke up and i was bleeding and i told the doctor straight away. They took me for scan and my baby girl had no heartbeat. I cant believe they didnt give her chance. Thesy knew she had more chance surving outside than inside as inside she was not getting enough oxygen or nutrients. I just wish to hold my daughter again and i belive that if i get pregnant again it will be her who i hold. I'm just scared it would happen again. They said they would monitor me but thats what they did now and i still lost her. :'( has anyone had preeclampsia in first pregnancy but then not in the second?