Dilemma :(

My so has two children from a previous relationship, because of other work circumstances he sees them every weekend one day, however last night he told me that he doesn't see a future atm and that im a mug. This has upset me a lot seeing as I do everything I can for him and his children as he doesn't have a huge amount of money at the end of the month. He has told me he's not happy I don't make him happy and he wants it to be just him and his children. He's been very quiet for the past couple of weeks mainly on his phone or infront of the tv when he has been at home. I'm fed up of being a nothing to him. We split last year over same issues and I moved back after he begged for me back. I really don't know where this outburst has come from what makes it even worse is im possibly pregnant.... I thought everything was ok and happy in completely broken hearted with this latest outburst any ideas what to do?