I hate my best friends boyfriend šŸ˜ šŸ˜ 

Monica ā€¢
Ok maybe not hate, hate is a strong word but I seriously don't like him! Unfortunately he got her pregnant which is such exciting news but the fact that he's the father just kills it for me! Her family and I are throwing a huge babyshower for her and HE REFUSES TO PAY FOR ANYTHING! He had the audacity to tell me "parents are supposed to enjoy pregnancy and not pay for a thing" idk about you guys but I feel like he's the father of the baby, HE SHOULD PAY FOR SOMETHING!! Aughhhh, I don't want to vent to her cause I've never had an issue with her in our 22 years of friendship, and I'm not about to have them now. And I also wouldn't like anybody taking about my boyfriend so I'm just not going to tell her anything, besides she's pregnant and I don't want to stress her out. It's just such an awkward situation, I almost don't even want him at the babyshower #douchebag