Annoyed and conflicted πŸ˜’

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I realize this is a petty thing to be upset about but I can't help it...
This is our first baby so we definitely want a big shower with all our friends and family, and definitely coed which my amazing SIL had offered to throw! The problem is I have 2 friends getting married in May and July so between all their wedding events I don't have many date options to include everyone...I'm pretty much stuck with 4th of July weekend or last weekend of July which is cutting it too close to my Aug.9th due date! I think 4th of July would make for an adorable coed shower but MIL doesn't think anyone will want to travel or come on that day-we live in Los Angeles home of horrible traffic! I think if it's important to people to be there they will be, what do you all think? Any thoughts or advice?