Toxoplasmosis and cat

C.L.S • 😃
Well I'm super paranoid about this. Im currently living with my family while my husband is overseas and then he comes and we buy a house. But my family has a cat who I love to pieces but he runs the house. Anyways, his litter box is in the laundry room and I was wondering if possible can I inhale it while doing my laundry? I don't touch his litter box. Also, I was wondering too the dry rack is in the laundry room and can I get it from my clothes being above it from the dust? The cat also walks all over the counters too can I get it from there? Also can I get it from petting him too from his fur? He is an indoor cat but sometimes wanders into our indoor garage. Please anyone help me with these questions my pregnancy hormones are in full swing ladies I'm 26 weeks too. Thanks so much:) :)