HELP 😩‼️‼️‼️ ladies ANYONE ⁉️⁉️

Ashley •
I need insight : ok . So i had the mirena in for 2/3 weeks , I took it out myself due to SO MUCH BLEEDING in the end of March . I continued to bleed than on February 5th I CAME on regular 5 day cycle I have . On Valentine's Day I I took a OPK I was fertile on Valentine's Day which was a Friday me & my SO BD now I'm 3 days late . I keep getting NEGATIVE test . My CM is creamy /white (no smell no infection) I had nausea , on & off headaches & the week I would've had implantation I had pinches on my right lower overy . What COULD THIS BE IF IM NOT PREGNANT ❓❓ with these negative test I'm CONSTANTLY confused about my body ‼️‼️😩😩 it's FRUSTRATING