I feel invisible. please help:/

Katie🐠 • Pro-choice. 6-24-14
I am currently dating my boyfriend of 12 months and I am currently having my first child with him.(not planned) I feel like ever since I have gotten pregnant he's treating me differently it would start with him yelling when I told him how I feel, to not believing me or saying really mean things for no reason. we fought a lot a week or so ago he told me to give the baby up for adoption because of us fighting it was so heartbreaking to me because he was the one hurting me. we used to have a wonderful relationship now it's gotten worse for no reason. I suspected him cheated because he's been acting differently. I know I might get judged but I went through his phone he's been talking to girls he used to go to highschool with. and the convo I saw was mostly deleted except a few messages. I tried confronting him but he tried leaving and wouldn't talk for a day. now when we were both over at a friends he left to "use the bathroom" but he didn't how do I know? he didn't flush or anything.  I suspect he checked his phone. he's missed our anniversaries ,not told me how he feels. lied to me when he said he was tired but stayed up all night.he doesn't do anything special for me anymore now he said he's been sleeping all day idk if I believe him. I really don't know how to feel anymore. there's more to this. and he's hurt me a lot recently but It doesn't seem to bother him.  should I not let this get to me? am I overreacting? advise please.😓 sorry for long post. I've told him how I feel but he brushes it off like nothing.