Sometimes I feel like a bad mom :(

My son is barely a month old and a while ago he got a really really bad rash underneath his armpit, because I hadn't showered him (I'm scared to do it). Well ever since then I have felt like a bad mom :(

I'm only 19 and a first time mom, and sometimes I feel like im not taking care of him the right way. I look at his beautiful face, and start crying thinking he deserves someone better, someone that actually knows what there doing. I live with my in laws and SO, and well my mother in law always tries telling me the "proper" way to do things which makes me feel worse (she doesn't do it on purpose though)

My parents have told me several times that they want him. Now, I'm just seriously considering it. Not legally give my son away to them, just him living over there more often than with me. But at the same time I obviously want him with me all the time, of course I would be able to see him whenever I want but still :(

Another reason would be because I live with my inlaws, I feel like I can't raise my kid the way I want to raise him with my values not theirs, not that I have anything against them.

Im torn between this. Should I give my son to my parents or just work it through since I'm a first time mom?

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