Sub chorionic hemorrhage - 11 weeks

Brittany • Married, mama to 3 boys. Leighton is 3 years old (7-14-12) and Owen is 1 year (4-20-14) due with Logan, September 28, 2015 :)
Started bleeding last week, a lot. Went to the hospital and was told it was a threatened misarriage but baby was ok with heart rate of 180bpm. 4 days later started bleeding again, went to a different hospital, they found a sub chorionic hemorrhage. Measuring rather large, the measurements I was given were 3.0 x 1.6 x 3.9cm. I just called my OB and they're continuing the pelvic rest but aren't seeing me any sooner than my next appt which is 3 weeks away. Is that normal? I want them to keep a close eye on this. Hoping it shrinks rather quickly, that's the only advantage of waiting 3 weeks is we will get to see a more dramatic change in size rather than only a week since it was discovered. How long did it take for yours to dissolve? Did you have any complications later in pregnancy?