Breast are not sore...breastfeeding problems?

Quin • 27. Artist. Wife. Vegetarian. Animal lover. Mama to Dyson and excited to be pregnant with our second son Lennox.
Hey ladies I have a 14 month old son and when he was born I desperately wanted to Breast feed him but between a tounge tie and an infection I was never able to secure a breastfeeding relationship (I saw several lactation consultants) one thing I struggled with was low milk supply.
I am now 7 weeks pregnant and have yet to experience sore breasts. I'm afraid this is a bad sign for my ability to produce enough milk for this baby too. (Sore breasts was my first pregnancy symptom with my son)
Anyone have excpreance with no Breast pain but good lactation from a previous pregnancy? Or low milk supply with first baby but improved milk supply with second?  I'm only seven weeks but I'm already really stressed out about my future breastfeeding situation.