Pregnancy scare

Cathrine ā€¢
Hello I am 16 and I had a pregnancy scare a while back, me and my boyfriend did not have penetrative sex but pre cum came in contact with my Vulva. I did lots of research, took a pregnancy test, asked someone who's studying anatomy, and asked a planned parenthood consultant. It all Said it is possible to get pregnant, but chances are low and I was on my period. It scared me for a month, but the pregnancy test I took came out negative and I got my period a couple weeks later. I am nervous when I do anything sexual, but I am now more educated on what to do what not do and what to use just in case. I'd love some advice on this, and what to do next time, any feedback would be amazing. I read lots of people's stories on here and I am younger, and I realize I may be judged but I am making a choice to share this publicly because I want to know what others think. I know I will not have sex until I am ready, and I know to always use protection, and to do it in a firm where if I were to get pregnant it'd be with my husband. For now I want to stick to low key sexual play. But thank you so much, any feedback šŸ˜Š