Disrespect to the elderly.

jaz • Just living life!

I work at a nursing home as a waitress, i just started there a few months ago. Today this girl was mad that some ladies came in kinda late and was being slow at taking their order because of that. Well the ladies asked if she was going to take their order and the waitress told them that they can wait, and as she walked away she said within ear range of the ladies "i don't know why they're in so much of a rush they ain't goin nowhere they half dead anyway!". Then her and this other girl laughed their asses off about it and repeated it to other co workers joking about it.

I blew it off cuz i was busy but thought about it when i got home. Im just wondering what would you do? Would you just let it go or would you tell management?

Sorry this is long but i hope to get some of your insights on this.