Boyfriend is driving up the wall

Long but please be patient.

I am so sick and tired of my boyfriend! He never does anything when i ask him and is so bloody lazy at home. For the last month or so hes been working and ive asked him many many times to take his sjoes off at the back door so that i dont have to keep vaccuuming (he drags concrete through the house and my 5 month old likes to do tummy time), he continues to keep his shoes on till hes ready to take them off (usually 2-3 hours after he gets home). I dont mind cleaning during the day while hes at work so that we have a clean house beccause i know that he works hard for us but i dont want to have to always clean up after him when he could just do things properly and clean up after himself to begin with. I love him but im getting incredibly sick of being ignored and having to repeat myself constantly and then having to do it myself anyway. I just want to leave him to himself so i dont have to always nag someone to clean.

Any ideas on how i can handle this and get him to understand ( i have had multiple conversations with him about how it makes me feel).