Horrible Constipation help

Hey girls
I have never ever been a "good pooper" as I put it. I have naturally slow bowels. I have a lot of hormonal disorders so that's what I always chalked it up to. I usually only go once a week if that. Anyways... no surprise pregnancy causes constipation and I knew I was gunna struggle the moment I found out. I'm about 9 weeks and my constipation is at a whole other level these days. 18 days... I haven't pooped in 18 days. I have tried Colace, fiber, oranges (they usually help me), magnesium supplements, tons of water, probiotics, etc but I just NEVER get the urge to go???? Anyways, I saw on here a girl say Apple Cider Vinegar works. So last night I took a tiny tiny swig of it (so nasty) and this morning.... a glorious glorious bowel movement. Haha I know its gross but I am so happy over this. I was getting scared I was gunna have to go to the hospital soon. So, if anyone is struggling like I am... give this a try guys! Hopefully it helps You too! Happy Pooping 😂😂