First holiday 🎉 Spanish advice


So, my friend and I will be going on a holiday thus summer. It'll be the first holiday I go on with just a friend (I've been away with my family or my boyfriend before). Thing is, we'll be going to Spain and we'll be going to villages as well as cities. I'm super excited for it and I'm so motivated to work out to feel comfortable in a bikini.

My issue is that we'll be relying on my knowledge if Spanish. I've studied it for about 3 years but I've not spoken it in about 2 years so I've forgotten most of what I've learnt. It's difficult for me to learn from books simply because I learn from doing/speaking, which is how I learned English.

Do any of you ladies may have an idea of how I could improve the language without going for any lessons or paying anything? I'm a student so money is scarce 😅