Almost had baby lol


I'm going to try and write this without talking asleep. The doctor gave me morphine and it's still in my system. LMAO 4th try

Last night my bowels cleaned out and I started having contractions. Really strong painful contractions. I called the on call doc. And she said yup your in labor. I was so excited. She said drink two big glasses of water and take a shower.

An hour later My husband and I walked for about an hour and I was done. So I told him let's go to hospital.

My doctor who was on call left her house and was there already because she knew we would be coming in.

They checked me and I was only a little over 50% effaced. I was angry at my self. These contractions are hurting and they are every 5 minutes. So I was expecting to be dialating.

So the doc sent us walking for an hour.

After the hour I was so tired and they checked me again. Nothing. No change.

So my doc told me that if I had changed at all they would get me in for my c-section asap or if I'm 39 weeks... I'm 38w6d. The doctor gave me morphine for the pain and sent us home.

Unfortunately my baby wasn't born last night but he's happy and healthy inside me.

I felt really stupid for going to the hospital for a false alarm. My husband was very supportive. But I just feel dumb.

Contractions are still coming.

My doctor said that she normally tells people to come back if they are having contractions every 5 minutes which mine are exactly 5 minutes apart. But she said mine need to be stronger. My back felt like it was going to break.

Side note:

I started typing this at 9am. After the 4 try it's not 4:30 pm. I just woke up lol