Breast Pump Nightmare

Has anyone else had a nightmare of a time trying to get a breast pump? I have been trying to handle this since January and it's turning into a horrible back and forth. My doctor's office and insurance company had me calling them both back and forth several time just to say "well we've never had an insurance company say that" or "well your doctor's office should have a list". I felt completely caught in the middle and just wanted a damn breast pump. FINALLY the woman at my office just called them herself and said they got it all handled over two weeks ago and send it in to a place. Today I got a call from that place saying "they aren't my provider and they would forward it to another place". HOW CAN THIS EVEN HAPPEN?! I'm 38+2 and now freaking out about not getting this soon. I don't understand what is wrong with this system and how this has been so much stress. You can't tell me that getting a breast pump is an uncommon thing for them to deal with.
Sorry, I just really needed to rant about this.