Boundaries with grandparents

I have a feeling my parents are going to have a tough time respecting my new role as a mom. Just hints here and there make me believe we have a major battle up ahead. For starters, they seem to have an opinion on what I should name my baby (must have a Christian middle name, must also have a middle name in the language from the country they were born in) before we knew the gender, my mom nicknamed the baby a unisex Christian name in her language (I do not speak her language and could hardly pronounce it) she has hinted that if she does not like the baby's name, she will just call her by this name.
I am besides myself because I know she will not like the very American first and middle name my fiancé and I have picked. I intend on announcing the name at the hospital and I don't want her to ruin my day once I say it. Am I being too senisitve or is it extremely rude to ignore the name we have chosen for our baby? How should I nip it in the bud?