I can hear my parents having sex every night

It's driving me insane and gives me a disgusting feeling in my stomach. Like I feel so grossed out and uncomfortable. Every freaking nose from moaning to bed squeaking is super loud and I don't want to be awkward and bring it up, but I can't take it anymore. My parents are borderline alcoholics and it's always after they drink, which is like every night, but they're inebriated so they don't get how loud and obnoxious they're being! I move out in August but damn, I can't take the lack of social awareness anymore. What can I do to get them to shut up without having a really awkward conversation that I know will not go well?
Edit: my parents are not very understanding people, they're going to blow up on me if I say anything to them. Would just like stomping around or making a bunch of noise passive aggressively be too bad of an idea? They're not even on the same floor as me, they're below me and I can hear it!