Femera Cycle One! We have 2 follicles!

Madonna • 36 MFI/PCOS, ER Nurse, Married, TTC #1 for over 2 years, IVF

Hello ladies! I'm Madonna and I have PCOS, I was diagnosed with it when I was 18. I have done 6 cycles of Clomid with no pregnancy and never getting a progesterone level over 9.

I am currently in the middle of my first cycle of Femera CD1 was 5/7, took 5mg days 3-7. We had our first ultrasound on Wednesday CD10 and we have follicles! One in my Right ovary and another in my Left ovary, both are over 10 mm and my lining is over 7.5 also. We go back for another ultrasound on Monday 5/22 (which is also my birthday) and we will hopefully trigger on Monday too.

Baby dust to all of you out there don't give up, I have been trying for 23 1/2 months and this is the first time we have gotten positive anything! I am scared to be hopeful but I am filled with it and keep trying to keep my expectations low.

I included my ultrasound pictures, there are lots of additional follicles but 2 main ones.

Is anyone out there around the same time in a cycle?