Amoxicillin and oral surgery while pregnant

TtcMommyof1 • Wife to a wonderful man ❤️. Mommy to an amazing 6 year old girl 💕. Due 11/8 with a baby boy after 37m ttc💙
I am 15w pregnant and Thursday went to the dentist with tooth pain to find out I have an abcessed tooth. They gave me 7 days of amoxicillin to clear up the infection and want me to go in for a consultation for a tooth extraction next week. I think I'm going to skip the oral surgery for the extraction until November. I have a HIGH tolerance for pain mediciation (so much so that with my first daughter they had to knock me out because I felt them cut me for my c-section), and lidocaine passes through the placenta to the baby. There hasn't been research on the effects of it, and I'm not willing to take that risk on my baby that has taken 4 years to create.
My question, though, is if anyone has had to take amoxicillin for anything while pregnant- have you had dark, dark green (almost black) stool? Baby's heart rate is 145-155 on my home fetal Doppler, so I think he is fine but it is stressing me out. Is this a normal reaction to amoxicillin?
Thanks in advance!
**SIDE NOTE- my opinions on the tooth extraction are based on my particular situation only. I know I'll have to have a huge dose of the lidocaine and I PERSONALLY don't know that I'm wanting to do that, yet. It's 10000% okay if you did and it worked for you. 😊**