If you hate it, just pretend you love it


So, ladieesss, I have struggled alot with wearing cute dressy clothes, dresses, skirts in my life.. I don't have issues with body confidence. I just have always felt like dresses aren't "me". I may not be in the best shape, but let's be real, we are all different shapes and sizes and we need to learn to love ourselves. Thankfully, I learned that at an early age and I'll be damned if I let anybody tell me different. I will not let clothes define who I am. I am not a dress. I am not shorts. I am me. Anyways, I got a couple dresses last weekend and I am starting to LOVE them! Instead of hating them and feeling awkward in them, I embrace it and pretend to love them until I actually loved them. Ladies, if you don't think you like something, keep trying and keep telling yourself that your beautiful... BECAUSE YOU ARE.

You are beautiful.

You are confident.

You are incredible.

You are worth it.