Anyone with any legal/tenancy advice???

So I'm 19 and 15 weeks pregnant. I am currently a student at University however will be leaving following completion of this year. 
Before finding out I was pregnant I had arranged a shared house, with 5 other students, too live in next year at uni, I have signed contracts and payed the first months advanced rent. However, obviously, now I'm not going to be at uni I do not want to live in a shared student house, but rather with my OH, of course. 
The landlord has told me he will not accept this as a good enough reason to withdraw from the contract as he "doesn't see it fair" that he should miss out on a years rent because of my pregnancy, even though he'd still be receiving rent off 5 others! 
He's told me my only options are to find a replacement Tennant or to continue to pay for the room I will not be living in. 
I have tried and tried to find a replacement but am having no luck.
This is really stressing me out and getting me down, as you can imagine, as a 19 year old expectant mother I will in no way be able to afford to pay rent for a property I am not living in. 
Bear in mind that the contract hasn't technically started yet, I am not due to to move in until september. 
Do I have any other options or ways out or am I completely stuck?