Never had sex and wants to start birth control


Hi! So I'm 19 years old and I never had sex nor anything close to a guy and I want to protect myself from getting pregnant or from getting any STIs? (Not sure if brith control would protect me from that but that's part of a question.) But I'm asking what are the benefits from using birt control even though I never had sex?

Currently, I have a boyfriend but its long distance and I plan to have sex with him, possibly when I meet him? Or later, not sure, but that part is up to me, of course. But my concern is that I want to start getting into birth control now so when I do meet him and have sex, I know I'm protected on my part. What should I do?

Also, I had this discussion with my mother, who I live with and sort of depending on as well lol, and she strictly tells me that I have to be in a physical relationship or married to begin with and then get into birth control. What can I say to her for her not to think that way? And is it better to get birth control over the counter for a start or go to the doctor? I do plan to go to the doctor but I don't want to let my mother know about that I want to get into birth control cause I dont want to get her concerned. And do I need to talk to my boyfriend before I get into birth control? (Sorry for the long paragraphs to read, and I hope this made sense)