8 MONTHS TTC, could this be it?!

Savannah β€’ πŸ’•sav
These past two weeks of waiting have proved to be the hardest thus far in my journey TTC.
Recently I have experienced some things that I haven't before but have tried to keep my mind clear as it seems that the more you think about symptoms the more your mind seems to "feel" those symptoms haha
I had sore breasts on Saturday and Sunday but this morning they were a bit sore but but by the end of my work day they weren't any more.
I started super super light spotting this morning around 10am. Nothing when I wipe.
I've had headaches off and on for the past two weeks.
They are very mild...compared to the chronic migraines I've been diagnosed with.Β 
I'm really hoping that this is it this time, but I've been disappointed so many times I'm rather exhausted.Β 
I could use the encouraging words and or advice...feeling a little discouraged todayΒ 
AF DUE 5/24Β