is labor near?

I've been having what I think now are contractions all day, starting today at 8:50 am maybe every hour. But it just feels like period cramps. Their bearable I'm just worried is labor near? I have a doc appointment tomorrow morning at 9am. I just got back from target which is 30 min away from where I live and I did some good walking around the store and I was still cramping maybe every 30 min at the store and on the way home. I just had 1 rn that I'm laying in bed it was definitely like a wave of pain for about 2 min long. Baby is still moving wiggling around a lot. I'm 38 weeks +2 days. No water breaking not dialtaed when I had appointment last Wednesday. Mucus plug I'm not sure 🤔 advice ??? First time mom! Nervous 😩 
I ended up calling the on call line and they advised me to come in to the er as it could be early labor, so I went in and come to find out I was only 1 cm dilated. They monitored baby on my belly and saw hat I was having contractions every 10 min. They had me walk around the hospital for an hour to see if I would dilate more. After they checked me 3 painful times 😣 ! I still wasn't dilating but still contracting and baby was moving so much they kept monitoring me for 2 hours until baby settled down. Finally at 4 am ! They sent me home saying to come back in once contractions were closer together 🙄 ugh so now I'm just getting home at 4:20, still contracting hurting 😩 hopefully I can fall asleep, I have my appointment at 9:15 tomorrow we'll see !!! Wish me luck