Maternity leave plans?


What are your plans for mat leave? I know that what we CAN take doesn't always align with what we WANT to take, and every employer/country/family situation is unique... but just curious. I am already starting to research daycares for Jan 2016 start... I'm only 8w1d along!

Please remember to be kind in this discussion - it's a sensitive topic. Please don't gang up with "wow I can't believe you'd leave your baby at only a few weeks" (maybe they have no other option), or "your country has it so easy" (when often people pay into those programs for 30-40years and pay in far more than any benefits than are cashed out... or many countries offer extended leave but it's partial/no pay). Every person makes tough choices and sacrifices and makes the best decisions they can for their own situation (and only they know ALL their facts & factors).