False positive on dollar tree test?


Was wondering if this is common or has happened to any of you ladies?

I took a cheapie dollar tree pregnancy test yesterday and it was positive, faint, but def there and came up within 5 minutes. Not grey either, actually pink. (Pic enclosed)

I felt super pregnant since then (extreme bloating yesterday and heavy pressure down below in lower abdomen, same as when pregnant with dd and ds) but maybe it was all ghost symptoms....

I took a frer a few hours yesterday after that and it was negative. I then took another cheapie this morning, but a Walmart one, not the dollar tree one, and that too was negative.

Clearly I'm not pregnant... I've always heard there was no such thing as false positive or EXREMELY rare.... so I'm wondering if has anyone else had this experience with the dollar tree test being positive but they weren't really pregnant?

By the way I have no idea when I ovulated this cycle because I've gotten several positive opks... im either 12 dpo today or 6 dpo is my guess.

Here's the pic of the "positive":