Any news?

Hey All,
I feel like this board has been kind of quiet lately. How is everyone doing??  I have to admit I've barely been on except to just double check when AF is coming (due Saturday). I'm actually hoping I'm not pregnant, I know as odd as that sounds. I just started doing a weightloss program with both my parents. I'm really motivated and excited about it. Today was Day 1 for me, but my parents have already lost 10 and 8lbs after only a couple weeks. That being said I think I'm gonna make DH start wearing protection for the next few months. He jokes he's not going to but he knows how important this is to me. I know it may sound silly to you ladies, but my health/weight has been on the back burner the past 7 years while I made a career for myself so I'm excited to get it back on track, and then I'm hoping that will just be a nice smooth Segway to getting pregnant in late spring/early summer. I still plan on using this app though and still want to keep chatting with you ladies! I ideally want to get to my goal weight before we start again, but I have a feeling I'll lose enough to the point where I'll want to start trying again before my goal weight. Haha hope everyone is well!