Brianna • 18yr Old High School Nerd!

So today at lunch my boyfriend and I were together(we're in high school) and he was being incredibly quiet, I asked what was wrong and he kept saying "nothing" and poking me in the stomach. Well one of our friends walked up while we were playing around and he stopped and wouldn't say anything sweet to me and refused to call me "babe" in front of her. Then when his friends showed up he got up and went to them and started talking nonstop. So I sat on the bench by myself with no one to talk to. He would turn and ask me what was wrong but I didn't want to cause a scene n front of his friends, so I wouldn't say anything and he would go back to talking. So when we went to the next class I told him I was upset because I couldn't get him to at least act like my boyfriend or anything when his friends are around and that I hate when he pushes me away for all his friends. He said that I was overreacting and that he doesn't know what to say to me. Was I overreacting or did I have a right to be upset and frustrated? He usually is the sweetest person to me and everything but when he's with his friends he's completely different and forgets about me.

Please no rude comments about high school drama or anything. I just want other peoples opinions on the situation. Please comment any advice.

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