Makes me feel bad rant.

So my granny who has demintia is living with us, is always agrivating me to the point I could explode. I feel bad because the only person she knows and remembers is my fiancé and her husband who has been gone a year. And she makes me feel like pure crap Bc she's always talking about my cuzins babys when she comes back from the week end with my aunts like its the first time she's seen them and asks when I'm gonna have a baby.  I've had 5 mc and my and my second oldest cuz had the same duedate. I know she can't remember very well and I don't want to say anything to her but I feel like crap cause i just walk away and cry. It's so hard to always hear about the baby. Don't get me wrong, I love them kids and they are so darn adorable, but it hurts so much seeing the oldest knowning that my baby should be that big. And I love my granny. But I know she doesn't mean to make me feel bad.